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24 December 2020
Information from UW5Y team for Ukrainian participations

22 December 2020
Ukrainian DX Contest 2020 Results here

Thank you very much for your participation.

09 Decmber 2020
List of participants by groups

08 November 2020
The Ukrainian DX Contest 2020 is over. Thanks to everybody who took part in the contest!
We are waiting for your logs (you can send it via e-mail)
Also you can check if we received your log in the list of received logs.
Logs must be submitted no later than 08 December 2020.

18 September 2020
URDX Contest Committee invites you to take part in the Ukrainian DX Contest 2020 on the 7-8 of November
Ukrainian DX Contest initex-files for popular contest-logging software you can download here
List of trophies you can find here

73! URDXC Committee

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