Sponsored by: Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC)

Date & time: The 1st full weekend of November (in 2018 it will be on 3-4 of November). 12:00 UTC Saturday to 12:00 UTC Sunday.

Bands: 1.8 - 28 MHz (excluding WARC bands).

Modes: CW, SSB.

Contest exchange: For Ukrainian stations: RST(RS) + two letters (oblast abbreviation); For all other participants: RST(RS) + serial number starting from 001.
List of ukrainian oblasts abbreviations: CH CN CR DN DO HA HE HM IF KI KO KR KV LU LV NI OD PO RI SL SU TE VI VO ZA ZH ZP


Stations from Ukraine:
1 point for QSO with own country;
2 points for QSO with different country on the same continent;
3 points for QSO with different continent;

Stations outside of Ukraine:
1 point for QSO with own country;
2 points for QSO with different country on the same continent;
3 points for QSO with different continent;
10 points for QSO with Ukraine (for participants outside of Ukraine only).

Multipliers: DXCC and WAE countries plus Ukrainian oblasts on every band. Ukraine also is a country multiplier for foreign stations, i.e. the first QSO on each band gives 2 multipliers. For stations in Ukraine multiplier is DXCC + WAE countries only (Ukraine counts as a country).

Categories of participants:

1 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-Mixed SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH MIXED
2 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-CW SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH CW
3 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-SSB SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH SSB
4 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-Mixed SINGLE-OP ALL LOW MIXED
5 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-CW SINGLE-OP ALL LOW CW
6 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-SSB SINGLE-OP ALL LOW SSB
7 Single Operator-QRP(max.5W)-All Bands-MixedSINGLE-OP ALL QRP MIXED
8 Single Operator-160m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 160M
9 Single Operator-80m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 80M
10Single Operator-40m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 40M
11Single Operator-20m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 20M
12Single Operator-15m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 15M
13Single Operator-10m Band-MIXed SINGLE-OP 10M
14Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-MixedMULTI-OP ALL MIXED

- all logs with QSOs on one band only will be accepted as "Single band" logs
- all logs with not specified power category information will be accepted as "High Power" category
- all logs with the improper category information will be accepted as "Checklog"

Club Competition: the competition among clubs, contest groups and other amateur associations, separately for Ukrainian and foreign clubs. Foreign participants of the club competition can declare the result for their club regardless of the country and the distance to the headquarters of the club. It is important that the name of the club for all members of the same club was written equally (otherwise the contest committee different spelling of the name of the club will be treated as different clubs). For Ukrainian participants, participation in regional clubs, associations (ie not in national ones, for example UCC) is implied.

Common rules: All entries separated by World and Ukraine.
There is no limitation for band and mode change. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time. The use of DX-cluster is permitted for all categories however self-spotting is strictly prohibited.
You can make up to 2 QSO with the same station on the same band - CW and SSB. CW QSOs must be made in the CW portion of the band.
Duplicate contacts with same station on the same mode and band counts 0 points. No penalty for duplicate QSO. Please do not delete dupes.
In the Single Band category you can make QSO on other bands. Single Band entrants who operate other bands during the contest are encouraged to submit full log for more than one band to aid in the log cross-checking process.
They should send one Cabrillo file of full log and thoroughly indicate correct category in the head of the file. All logs will be checked by special software for UBN (unique, bad, not in log) contacts. Unique calls will be removed from the LOG.
QSO is not counted for the following:
- incorrectly logged call (Bad Call);
- incorrectly logged exchange numbers;
QSO is not confirmed in the other station's log (NIL).
Also QSO is not counted for the following:
- other station incorrectly logged entrant's call;
- other station incorrectly logged entrant's exchange number;
- QSO time in entrant's log and other station's log difference is more than 3 minutes (except systematic computer errors);
- QSO bands or modes in entrant's log and other station's log differ (except systematic errors);
- dupe QSO which is not in the other station's log.
Since URDXC 2009 Categories A and B are divided on three different: MIXED, SSB, CW for both UKRAINE and WORLD division, and the are no penalties anymore

Awards and plaques: Winner in each category will be awarded by plaque or prize. All participants of the contest will be awarded commemorative certificate indicating your callsign and score. Each participant can print it from the website.

Contest logs: CABRILLO is preferred format for logs. Ukrainian DX Contest is supported by most of popular contest loggers as follows :

1 MixW"
2 TR4W"
3 TRlog"
4 SD"
5 N1MM"
6 AAtest"
7 Writelog"
8 RCKlog"
9 Win-Test"
10 5MContest"

Electronic logs must be sent within 30 days after the end of the contest to e-mail
Be sure to put the station call sign and the category in the "Subject:" line of your letter with applied Cabrillo file. In the header part of the electronic log submission you must specify a category of entrance.
Reception of every e-mail LOG will be confirmed. If there is a problem with your LOG you will be notified by the Contest Committee. Also you can check the reception of your log at . UBN-file is sent by request to e-mail

Disqualification: Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant or violation of the rules of the contest, or unsportsmanlike conduct, will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.

Disputes: The decisions of the Contest Committee will be final.

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