Trophies 2018

1 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-Mixed-UR(EU) plaque US7UX plaque US7UX
2 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-Mixed-DX ------------------- plaque US7UX
3 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-CW plaque UX1UA plaque UT7UJ
4 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-SSB plaque UT5UDX plaque UT5UDX
5 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-Mixed plaque UX1UA plaque UT7UJ
6 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-CW plaque UT5UDX plaque UT5UDX
7 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-SSB plaque US7UX plaque US0YW
8 Single Operator-QRP(max.5W)-All Bands-Mixed Award plaque UT7NW
9 Single Operator-160m Band-Mixed Award plaque UX1UA
10Single Operator-80m Band-Mixed plaque UR9QQ plaque UR9QQ
11Single Operator-40m Band-Mixed plaque US2YW plaque US2YW
12Single Operator-20m Band-Mixed prize UT5UN plaque UT5UJO
13Single Operator-15m Band-Mixed Award Award
14Single Operator-10m Band-Mixed Award Award
15Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-Mixed plaque UT7UJ plaque UT7UJ

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