The rules concepts for Ukrainian DX Contest were developed and maintained in 1993 by UT1IA ,UY5ZZ and UR5QN on the third UCC club conference and the date was fixed on the first weekend of November. In 1994 appeared some articles about the contest in KROTCOFALOWIEC POLSKI, CQ RADIO AMATEUR (EA), CQ DL, QST, RADIO REVISTA (I). Since 1993 up to 2010 the amount of participants is growing. Rules are improving according to the amount of competitors and on demands.

logs chart

November 1996 - 160m band is approved for competition
November 1998 - RTTY mode is approved for competition
November 2002 - QSO with own country for Ukrainian stations is permitted
November 2007 - SWL and RTTY is no more an entry
November 2009 - No more penalties

URDXC in Press:

A good example of this is the URDXC (Ukrainian DX Contest) which pretty much is a copy of Russian DX Contest in both format and level of organization. In fact, URDXC is even better than RDXC when it comes to quick Final Results and presentation of scores and statistics on their homepage. (PileUP! #1 2010)

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