Ukrainian DX Contest 2019 Results

Received logs total: 1522. Processed - 1522.
sorted in alphabetical order + soapbox list
Processed results: Ukrainian stations (315) & World Stations (1207)
DXCC: 77/ Continents: 6 /
UBN-file is sent by request to e-mail
UBN-file высылается по запросу на e-mail

World stations sorted by entry

1 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-mixed-EU RC6U plaque UT7UJ
2 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-mixed-DX UP0L plaque UT7UJ
3 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-CW UA4W plaque UT7UJ
4 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-SSB RA9AU plaque UR5ECW
5 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-mixed RW4S plaque UT7UJ
6 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-CW P3X plaque UT7UJ
7 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-SSB RZ3Z plaque US0YW
8 Single Operator-QRP(max.5W)-All Bands-mixed LY5G plaque US2IR
9 Single Operator-160m Band-mixed HA7I plaque UX1UA
10Single Operator-80m Band-mixed RT2C plaque UX1UA
11Single Operator-40m Band-mixed S52AW plaque UX1UA
12Single Operator-20m Band-mixed S57DX plaque UT4U
13Single Operator-15m Band-mixed RW9QA plaque US2IR
14Single Operator-10m Band-mixed IK4OMO plaque UR9QQ
15Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-mixed J42L plaque UT7UJ
17Club Competition

Ukrainian stations sorted by entry

1 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-mixed UT7CR plaque US7UX
2 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-CW UW1M plaque UT7UJ
3 Single Operator-High Power-All Bands-SSB UT/F5RAV plaque UR7EU
4 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-mixed EN5V plaque US7UX
5 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-CW UT4LW plaque US7UX
6 Single Operator-Low Power-All Bands-SSB UR2Y plaque US2YW
7 Single Operator-QRP(max.5W)-All Bands-mixed US4EXD Award
8 Single Operator-160m Band-mixed UT3QU plaque UX1UA
9 Single Operator-80m Band-mixed UV5QQ plaque US2YW
10Single Operator-40m Band-mixed UR6EA plaque UR5WCQ
11Single Operator-20m Band-mixed UY5ZZ plaque UT2UQ
12Single Operator-15m Band-mixed UR5FIL Award
13Single Operator-10m Band-mixed ----- -----
14Multi Operator-All Bands-Single Transmitter-mixed UZ2I plaque UT7UJ
16Club Competition

Thank you very much for your participation
in the Ukrainian DX Contest 2019
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
73! URDXC Committee